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And the crazy shit? You are the reason I could never be atheist. You affect me greatly with sage and wit and age and hips and outrage and lips that deserve their own stage but earthquakes don't kiss. And while Cupid's torrid darts might sometimes miss I can see you and feel you in an eclipse The reality to which I come to grips My truth and consequence My tithes and compliment My uncommon sense I been coming since You parted the continents You Got a reason to ego trip But you steer spirit's ship So I take it as my personal gift Be your little drummer boy in a manger equipped To beat the drums to your cadence and radiant tips of toes as they skip and blow gold dust here in the nearest atmosphere I've astraddle just to follow you here To have my pride unraveled along with fears Driven to switch gear and you switch rear cheeks and stitch one in time to save nine And I would pray at your thighs and drink your elixir Only you can be dope enough for what you've already had enough can be a fixer

I believe in God because I met her already Triple beam balance,  she dance around the galaxy steady Maserati in the body but her roar reminds me of a Chevy And I apologize to objectify I'll seek to rectify But you remind me of home heavy And I been gone for so long seeking a throne that won't bear me Prices paid unfairly but you prepared me So much for the dark that it scared me Til you reminded me that the light is what spared me And I am daring to stand in the presence of the divine with the audacity to speak my mind But then again you're the one who taught me to bend time And the past after now there's one thing I like to remind. We were each other's before yours was mine. And before I could adore being the joy you might occasionally find. Our design has been nothing less than divine. And to call the goddess anything less that

God means you outta your goddamn mind
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